Cole West Home Website
Cole West Home is a new builder in Southern Utah who needed a website to showcase the communities they are building. They needed to display community information as well as floor plans.
February, 2017
Ed Kenley Ford - 2016 TV Spots
2016 TV Spots for Ed Kenley Ford. These spots featured the warranty and how people react upon hearing how great it is.
September, 2016
Klymit 2015 Ad Campaign
Ad campaign for Klymit. General branding messaging to introduce new customers to Klymit brand.
September, 2016
AAF Utah Kickball Tournament Trading Card Invite
A pack of trading cards used as an invite for the AAF Utah Chapter Kickball Tournament. We featured local advertising professionals in the area to feature on the trading cards.
August, 2016
C.R. England One Logo
C.R. England is focusing all their charitable efforts into one program, fighting childhood hunger.
May, 2016
Shave Wave Logo Concepts
A client of mine wanted to help his son start a shaved ice business for the summer. Here are some concepts I came up with to help him out.
April, 2016
Pure Hearing Website Design
Pure Hearing needed a new website for customers and employees can use to help find the right hearing aid for customers.
January, 2016
Steton Website
Steton has a great product and is growing like crazy. They needed a new website to show off all the great solutions they provide for their customers.
December, 2015
RevGen Theme and Creative
Mercato Partners holds an even to honor Sales and Marketing professionals. It's called RevGen. They asked us to help them rebrand the event, concept a theme and provide all the creative for the event.
December, 2015
Morgan Asphalt Website
Morgan Asphalt needed a new website to show case all their great projects.
December, 2015
AdvancedCFO Ad
AdvancedCFO outsources CFOs to startup companies like Skullcandy who need someone in house they can trust. They needed a way to share what they do in a fun and engaging way.
October, 2015
Advanced CFO Website
AdvancedCFO needed a new website to show of the new brand. This site help new and current clients understand the value AdvancedCFO can bring to almost any company.
December, 2015
Advanced CFO Sales Brochure
Advanced CFO needed a sales piece to give to new and prospective clients. This little printed piece give a brief over view of the company and what it can do for its clients.
December, 2015
Ed Kenley Ford 2015 Billboards
2015 Billboards for Ed Kenley Ford.
December, 2015
Ed Kenley Ford - Bus Ads
Bus Ads for Ed Kenley Ford.
December, 2015
Ed Kenley Ford 2015 TV
2015 TV Spots for Ed Kenley Ford in Layton, Utah.
October, 2015
Ed Kenley Ford Mall Window Graphics
Ads as window graphics on the main entrances at Layton Hills mall.
December, 2015
Mobius Virtual Foundry Branding
Mobius Virtual Foundry needed a brand for their start up. They help clients use virtual reality for marketing and business solutions.
December, 2015
Tempus Promotional Kinetic Typography Video
Promotional video for Tempus.
October, 2015
CAP Utah - TV Spots
CAP Utah needed a tv spot to help them publicize the wonderful service they offer. I created this motion graphic video with the help getting the word out there.
June, 2015
UCAT Kinetic Typography
TV spot created for the rethinkEducation campaign for Utah College of Applied Technology. This outlines how students should consider a technical certificate as part of their overall educational career path
September, 2014
Delta Stone Website
Delta Stone does fantastic commercial and residential work with natural stone. They needed a website to showcase there work and the great products they can provide.
September, 2014
Integrated Wealth Strategies
Integrated Wealth Strategies will soon debut their new website. The new focus for IWS is to be "Your Personal CFO". With a well defined strategy, this site is a great tool for establishing the niche in the market they want.
September, 2014
Ed Kenley Ford: Non-combative dealer
Ed Kenley Ford's campaign this year was "The Non-Combative Car Dealer". They needed some TV spots to run that showed potential customers that they were just that.
September, 2014
Lashbrook Website
Lashbrook has amazing rings for men. They needed a great website to show them off even sell a few.
September, 2014
Yak Hub Logos
Yak Hub is a great new startup that allows entrepreneurs to share office space with one another.
September, 2014
Landesk Website Redesign
Software technology is always evolving and Landesk needed a website that was a fresh and innovative as its software products.
September, 2014
Pikus Concrete Logo Redesign
Pikus Concrete needed a new logo for the new brand. They needed something that spoke to the company culture as well as a mark to stand out and look great.
September, 2014
Pikus Concrete Website
Pikus Concrete not only needed a new branding system but they needed a new website as well. This site was created as a way for them to easily and beautifully showcase there best projects and tell the world a bit about why they are the best industrial and commercial concrete company in the business.
September, 2014
Ed Kenley Ford Billboards
Billboards to go along with non-combative campaign.
August, 2014
The Nickles Group Website
The Nickles Group is a consulting and lobbying firm in Washington D.C. I had the opportunity to work with them and redesign the website. They needed a site that showed there intimate team approach and that they work very closely with there clients to get results. The photography on this site was chosen of the D.C. area to show its beauty and help identify The Nickles Group with the area. Bio shots of each team member was taken to help their clients quickly learn about the team and to quickly gain the trust of this group of professionals.
June, 2014
GetFluid Website
Website Design for Fluid Advertising.
February, 2014
Western Hydrovac Box
Marketing and promotional piece for new and current clients.
February, 2014
Pro Image Sports Website
Pro Image Sports needed a website redesign. They not only wanted to update the look of the site the online store but they wanted to host a place where they could sell franchises.
December, 2013
Utah Governor's Office of Economic Development Website
Utah Governor's Office of Economic Development needed a new website. The office is focused on building the economy in Utah and needed a site that portrays the lifestyle and business opportunities in the state.
December, 2013
Petrous Leadership Logo Redesign
Petrous Leadership needed a new look for their brand.
October, 2013
Petrous Leadership Website
Petrous Leadership needed a new website to showcase there services.
October, 2013
Ed Kenley Ford Advertising
Ed Kenley Ford needed to rebrand and change up the ads they were using. They decided to go with the tagline The Softer Side of Tough. These ads illustrate that they sell tough trucks but have a very soft sell approach.
October, 2013
IFSA Rebrand
IFSA needed an new identity.
October, 2013
Ed Kenley Ford Cat & Dog TV Spots
TV Spots for Ed Kenley Ford to illustrate to the costumer service you will find at the dealership.
September, 2013
Utah DWR Ice Fishing Promo
Video promotion to help the Utah DWR to sell more fishing licenses.
September, 2013
University Federal Credit Union SBA Sales Collateral
University Federal Credit Union needed something to help them sell SBA loans. We came up with a brochure and a box to help there salesman.
August, 2013
Alex AutoHaus
Branding package for Alex AutoHaus.
April, 2013
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